Who Only Cricket Know

When Len Hutton led a powerful England team to the Caribbean in 1953/54, the Test series was billed beforehand as the ‘world championship of cricket’ and described afterwards as the most controversial since Bodyline.

Who Only Cricket Know draws on player interviews, official scorebooks, contemporary newspaper reports and other eye-witness testimony to provide the first full-length historical account of this extraordinary tour, where a rollercoaster of a Test series was only half the story.

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“Gripping cricket, fascinating characters and a backcloth of Caribbean nations on the cusp of independence where issues of race and social class are never far from the surface, these are the ingredients of this most dramatic of tours. It needed a writer with a rare gift to weave it all together into a compelling but never simplistic read, and David Woodhouse undoubtedly has that gift. The book is a masterpiece.”

– Stephen Chalke