October 19, 2021

The main aim of this website is to provide a repository for the footnotes and bibliography, which would have made an already long work impossibly long if they had all been included in the printed book. But also, over time, I hope to go down a few of what the cricket historian F.S. Ashley-Cooper liked to call ‘Highways and Byways’, adding some details on the state of cricket in the 1950s and the developments in British and Caribbean society that were not included in the book.

There will be three phases to the loading of content:

Phase 1: the basic apparatus, the footnotes and bibliography, to be in place for those readers who wish to refer to them when the book is published in November 2021. Please bear with us to begin with, as there will no doubt be the odd mistake, mis-reference and missing reference as all that gets transferred in.

Phase 2: Then I hope to add some photographs and other images to each chapter (so far I’ve just added a few in Chapters 7 and 9 as a trial run) and to link the references to the bibliography.

Phase 3: I will then, if there is any interest, try occasionally to add some further background to the tour, and the period more generally, by posting observations here and adding them to the footnotes.

Any comments, corrections or suggestions always gratefully received.

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