June 1, 2023



I’ve contributed a bibliographical article to the Spring 2023 edition of The Journal of the Cricket Society.

The list below is designed to give some fuller details for the items discussed, which are referenced in the order in which they appear in the article.

Place of publication is London, unless otherwise stated.

Key to numbers in square brackets:

I refers to E.W. Padwick’s Bibliography of Cricket (second edition, Library Association with J.W. McKenzie for Cricket Society, 1979).

II refers to Volume II of Padwick’s Bibliography, ed. Stephen Eley and Peter Griffiths (Library Association for Cricket Society, 1991).

III refers to Post Padwick: The Gibbs Extension of Padwick’s Bibliography 1990-2006 (Maysfield NSW: Stephen W. Gibbs, 2008).



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A Tribute to Leonard Hutton (2007). Yorkshire CCC DVD, directed by Mike Hooper with interviews by Stephen Chalke

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